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Many years ago a famous Japanese chemistry Professor invited me to come to Kyoto, Japan to do research at the University. And it was there it all began...

Japanese cuisine with its eye for every detail, its amazing plates, with the meditating quietness of the surrounding, surprising and fascinating ingredients, spices, and flavors which are used in perfect amounts so that one can taste and appreciate each component – this is the world I fell in love with.
I moved to Berlin, Germany, was doing research in sulfur chemistry at the University, but my favorite experiments were done in the kitchen! I was spending hours in a red arm-chair in the living room reading…. meters of cooking books, traveling the world – as a scientist and a curious tourist – to absorb the flavors of different cultures and cuisines, learning languages through cuisine, and I was very fortunate to be able to celebrate food at home.

The dishes became more refined, the kitchen more equipped, then a recipe in the Apero Magazin by Eckart Witzigmann was published, Cooking Contests won, the doors to some professional kitchen opened, the first flavor development projects started  …
Each country where I have been living or traveling have added its flavors, but Japan and later France have the biggest impact.
Turn Food To Event is all about joy of food and inspiration - through fascinating products, cooking events, private dining, educating of little gourmets and many other projects which are in the doing. 
It is not only a project, it is rather a mission I am sharing with many friends who love food to inspire many more.

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